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Welcome to Ben's Custom Meat and Mobile Slaughtering Service and Game Processing

Are you looking for quality meats and excellent customer service? Look no further than Ben's Custom Meat in Dayton, OR. When you choose Ben's Custom Meat, you choose a reliable, dependable butcher who puts the needs and specifications of his customers above his own.

Ben the Butcher only provides the highest quality of meats in his butcher shop. Whether you are looking for pepperoni, summer sausage or jerky, Ben guarantees that his products have been cured and smoked to perfection. They are always displayed fresh in vacuum-sealed packaging.

Ben comes from a long line of butchers and his years of experience and history in the field give him an edge above the competition. He will always put your needs first and provide you with top-of-the-line custom services. Ben's Custom Meat’s mobile slaughtering unit offers slaughtering services right on your farm. There is no need to bring your animal to the shop anymore. A licensed butcher will come to you, butcher your animal and bring it back to the store. Once there, you can tell the butcher how you want the meat cut and he will reach every specification you set. You can trust your butchering services to Ben. He is honest, reputable and will always process the animal based on your order and nothing else.  Not only will we cut your game to your specifications, but will also process and make jerky, pepperoni, summer sausage and other smoked products.

We use a special beef muscle to make our jerky. It has a very firm, but tender bite to it and let’s you taste the flavor of the jerky. This jerky is probably, by far, the best you ever will taste. We use lean beef for our summer sausage and cheddar cheese for our mild and cheese and jalapeno cheese. The leanest beef available for our pepperioni.

Our bratwurst, mild beer and red hot sausages are made from boneless pork butts.

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